Sendas Coffee Warehouse

Security and quality to store your coffee.

Among the best warehouses in Brazil

Sendas General Warehouse stands out for its infrastructure, technology and logistics. In addition, it has a privileged location in the city center of Varginha located in the south of Minas Gerais, which is currently one of the largest coffee trading centers in Brazil.

Tradition and Excellence

Operating in the coffee segment since 1990, we have invested in modern, high-performance electronic equipment to improve the excellence of our warehousing operations.


Map representing the location of Sendas and its ease of movement between ports

Our facilities are close to the highway BR 381, providing easy access to the Port of Rio de Janeiro (at 390Km) and the Port of Santos (360Km), making the handling process even more efficient and advantageous for our customers.



Platform scale with weighing system, capable up to 60.000 KG. Set of 22 COFFEE DUMP STATIONS.

Each one has a capacity of up to 300 BAGS.



Total capacity for 500.000 BAGS.

42 Silos automated for coffee storage. Eight of these are made up of rotary valves capable of performing up to six simultaneous processes at a speed of 1.000 BAGS/H.



42 silos automated, being 8 composed by rotating valves specific for the execution of blends.

Set of classifier for up to 600 BAGS/H Equipped with the latest generation bi-chromatic grain sorters, which use sortex technology.



7 Lines For coffee shipment. Being all of them totally independent, allowing the simultaneous loading in bags,big bag, alpha bag and in bulk.